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I offer a wide range of modalities, including sports massage, deep tissue massage, Reiki, Reflexology and Cranio-Sacral work.

You can find out about all the services I offer at:

A full body Traditional Thai Massage takes about 75 minutes. I have my own private studio in Milford, DE. where I work by appointment only.  I provide the space, mat, sheets,  music and an amazing Thai Massage Experience for just $90.

You should dress comfortably, in clothing that allows you to stretch and move. Whatever you'd wear to the gym or to a yoga class will work just fine.  Thai Massage is often called Thai Yoga Massage because it resembles a lot of yoga moves you may already be familiar with.  But it's PASSIVE yoga, meaning you don't do any of the work.  You lay down, relax and let ME put you in the yoga positions.

It's best if you don't eat a heavy meal right before coming to your session.  I will be moving you, stretching your muscles and there is a lot of twisting and turning so a full belly won't be comfortable.


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Massage For Men

I also offer special services to my male clients.  I've found that men have a whole different set of needs and wants when it comes to massage, and I cater to my male clients so that they feel relaxed, comfortable and well taken care of.  Find out more at:

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