In 1995 I started my master's degree in natural health and was required to make herbal soap for a chemistry class I was taking.  By early 1997, I had started a natural soap company (The Soap Fairy, Inc.) and have made my living in the field of natural health ever since.  In early 2013, I became restless and had a nagging feeling that I needed to complete something I started long ago.  I wasn't sure where I was heading but the phrase "hands-on healing" kept coming to mind. Soon after that, everywhere I turned I saw or heard something about massage therapy.  What could be more "hands-on healing?"  In the spring of 2014, I graduated from Massage School, passed my national boards and began my career as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

I've always believed that touch is sacred, somehow mystical.  Now, every day, I continue to be amazed by the healing power of touch and the many blessings I receive in my own life by sharing my touch with others.  My passion is Thai Massage.  I also have a passion for massage for the athlete.  I find the two very easy to combine. Whether you are a runner, cyclist, gym rat or just a weekend warrior, I am here to help keep your muscles and tendons in good working condition.  

I am also trained in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Cranio-Sacral, Reiki and Reflexology.  I like bringing a variety of modalities into each session to customize a massage that suits the needs of my client. 

Give me a call.  I'd love to discuss your needs with you. Together we can customize a massage that is perfect for you.

About Me...

Nuad Boran or Traditional Thai Massage today is much more than can be traced to one person and is more likely the combination of a variety of healing traditions from India, Thailand, China and other Asian cultures and a blend of medical practices from these countries.  For centuries, Thai Massage was performed by monks as part of Thai medicine.

Traditional Thai Massage (TTM) always begins with a prayer, a meditation or a centering.  Basically the practitioner wishes for the client health and well being.  Intention is a big part of Thai Massage. The practitioner intends for the client to receive wholeness and health through the use of TTM.  A typical massage session is a unique blend of yoga, accupressure, muscle manipulation and stretches performed by the therapist on the client.  It is usually done on the floor on a mat with the client wearing loose-fitting clothing.  Thai work consists of slow, rhythmic compressions, gentle rocking, stretching and thumb presses along the meridians to open up the lines of energy (Sen lines).

In Thailand, TTM is considered to be energy work rather than massage, per se.  The practice of this energy work, deep tissue massage and stretching by the therapist helps prevent disease by promoting the body's natural healing process and strengthening the immune system as well as detoxifying the body.  The goal of TTM is to break up or remove blockages in the Sen lines so the energy can once again flow as it is supposed to.  The therapist's job is to sense these blockages and remove them using stretching and massage techniques to reopen the energy flow.

Traditional Thai Massage (cont.)

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