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Relief Delivered to your Home or Office

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I'll come to your home or office, or if you like, you can come to my studio. Either way, a Thai Massage is waiting for you..

Thai Massage has been around for over 2500 years. The founder of this practice, Shivago Kormarpaj was the personal physician of The Buddha...

Sports Massage for the Athlete

Deep Tissue Massage

​Swedish Relaxation Massage 

What I Offer You...

Thai Massage To You

Thai Massage is what's happening in the world of Massage.  If you live in Delaware, I'll deliver an amazing Traditional Thai Massage to your home or office or you can come to my studio in Milford, DE.  I'll provide everything you need from mat to music. All you have to do is be there wearing your yoga or workout clothing.  I'll bring everything else.  And I'll bring it for only $115 for a 90 minute experience.  

You owe it to yourself.​

Relief Delivered to your Home or Office

Thai Massage To You

What Is Thai Massage?